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Greensburg, Indiana — Former Greensburg police chief Stacey Chasteen was arrested after admitting to stealing large sums of money from the police department's property room, and then gambling the money away.


Back in November, Chasten unexpectedly resigned from the police department without giving any explanation. Not long after, it was discovered that over $72,945 in cash was missing. The money was reportedly seized from an unlicensed massage parlor and then placed in the evidence room for safe keeping.

That wasn't all that she had stolen either; Chasteen had been stealing from the police department on and off since 2006. When questioned she admitted to every theft past and present, but the police department has not disclosed exactly how much money she admitted to stealing throughout her entire career.

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According to court documents, she also tried to cover up her theft by destroying property record receipts and tampering with paperwork.

Chasteen’s husband told police that she had a gambling problem and that she was intending to pay back the money that she had taken from the police department by getting loans from family members.

Chasteen was charged with one count of theft and one count of official misconduct, and turned herself in on Tuesday.

Oddly, just months ago we reported on a similar story, where an NYPD cop scammed his co-workers out of $40,000 and then disappeared for a week because he was in Atlantic City gambling the money away.

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