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March 11, 2014

Because of the lack of police in Detroit, criminals and would-be thieves alike thought they could have a heyday. However, Detroit residents are proving to be hard targets for hoodrat thugs trying to violate their property.

In a wonderful display of self-defense and logic, residents of the city are starting to finally release their dependency upon the mythical "protection" of the police and have moved into the DIY version of home security.

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Just this week, a female concealed carry permit holder shot and killed a would-be car jacker and another homeowner fatally shot a 17-year-old trying to break into his home.

Even the Motor City Police Chief, James Craig is advising residents against relying on the defunct department. Craig advised, “criminals in Detroit should know they shouldn’t just be afraid of the police — they should also be afraid of responsible gun owners who are prepared to defend themselves and their homes,according to the Blaze. “A lot of good Detroiters are fed up,” Craig said. “The message should be that, you know, people are going to protect themselves."

The city has become a literal shooting gallery in several homes this week in Detroit where there have been at least four break-ins which resulted in four homeowners shot back and killed two assailants. Well it appears that Detroit Police Chief James Craig is not like those other gun control officials in Connecticut or New York, where stand your ground means run and hide, reported the Blaze. 

If more people would would come to this realization that they are the onesresponsible for theirown well being and NOT the government, we could move past this entire debacle much faster.

The honesty from Chief Craig should also be applauded. He may soon find himself unemployed because of these empowering words to Detroit residents as he is helping to dismantle the false notion of the police state.