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At the height of the investigation, John Nyunt threatened to kill his wife, and then threatened to go on a shooting spree at the police station and specifically target the individuals who were investigating his case.

identity thieving cop and wife

Last week, Kristin Nyunt, the former wife of now incarcerated police commander, John Nyunt, was charged with illegal wiretapping and possession of illegal spyware tools.

Kristin is already in jail on a number of different charges relating to the same crime.

Back in May, Kristin pleaded guilty to five counts of identity theft, two counts of computer network fraud, one count of residential burglary and two counts of forgery. The new charges come in the wake of a secondary FBI investigation into the identity theft operation that the Nyunt's were running.

The now divorced couple have both admitted to using spy technology for the purpose of running an identity theft scheme, although they both attempted to plead not guilty and blame one another for the crimes when they were first arrested. As the evidence mounted, both of them eventually pleaded guilty to the accusations against them.

According to the charges and the admissions made in court, the couple ran a private investigation business on the side, and used the information and technology available to them in order to create an elaborate identity theft scheme that targeted an unknown amount of people. It was discovered later in the investigation that some of the individuals targeted in the scam were actually officers that worked at the same police department as Nyunt.

It is not clear as to who the brains of the operation actually was, considering the fact that the couple has continued to accuse one another of running the scheme.

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According to a press release by the FBI,

"John Nyunt provided the defendant computer access to secure police email and online police databases which she used to acquire sensitive personal identifying information of potential victims including social security numbers, addresses, and bank account numbers."

At first, the police commander attempted to entirely plant the blame on his wife by claiming to be a victim, and claiming no knowledge of her activities.

However, as the evidence began to show that he had an involvement in the identity theft operation, he was forced to change his story and he reluctantly admitted to being an accomplice.

At the height of the investigation, John Nyunt threatened to kill his wife, and then threatened to go on a shooting spree at the police station. Nyunt said that he would specifically target the individuals who were investigating his case, and that his actions would "make national news." This outburst resulted in Nyunt's arrest and exposed how deeply he was involved in the scheme.

John Nyunt is currently serving a 3 year prison sentence for his part in the operation, while Kristin Nyunt is also in jail waiting for details of her sentencing to be decided at an October 23rd court appearance in San Jose, California.

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