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Matt Agorist

June 27, 2014

Fatima Doumbouya had no idea of the horrors that would ensue for simply choosing to have her baby in her own home.

Earlier this month Doumbouya, with her husband at her side, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the comfort of their own home.

For six days they enjoyed being new parents before deciding that it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get their newborn baby screened for any health issues.

Little did they know that they would kidnapped and treated like incompetent criminals.

Doumbouya claims that upon their arrival to the hospital, doctors arranged to have her baby taken to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), without her permission.

The nurse said “they will be here to take her soon to CHOP.” When Doumbouya asked for them to further elaborate on what they were talking about the nurse informed her that St. Joseph's doesn't have the necessary pediatric tools needed for a baby her size.

They understood the notion that the Children's hospital would have better equipment, but they didn't understand why they were setting this up behind their backs.

When they asked to speak to the doctor, upon entering the room, the doctor tells them that if they refuse to transfer, they will contact the Department of Human Services and the police.

However, the hospital had already contacted authorities before they even made the threat, according to Doumbouya.

Obviously this upset Doumbouya and her husband so they decided to leave the room.

Upon entering the next room they were met by three police officers.

They asked the officers why they were not being allowed to leave. Baffled by the situation themselves, the officers couldn't give a reason.

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However, when they tried to leave, the three officers blocked the door with their arms crossed and told them that they cannot leave with their child.

A hospital worker with a conscience told Doumbouya that the hospital’s action was probably illegal and that she could get her daughter discharged by filling out American Medical Association (AMA) forms at the front desk.

They quickly went to fill out the forms but were ignored by the staff and never given them.

Doumbouya claims that she was then forced to wait hours for an ambulance to to bring her and the baby to the children's hospital, despite her saying that they were more than able to drive themselves.

Upon their arrival at the children's hospital their baby was taken from them without permission to have tests performed.

“They ran test after test after test HOPING TO FIND SOMETHING,” Doumbouya wrote.

All the while they are refusing to let her even feed her baby. For hours they sat there helpless and watched as their 6 day old baby girl shrieked in distress.

Doumbouya believes the reason for the tests was to find a pretext for the Department of Human Services to take her baby.

Finally after having their baby taken from them and being held against their will for 13 hours, their daughter was returned to them and they were allowed to go home.

The next morning, their doorbell rings, it's CPS.

"I am here because we received an alarm from the hospital about lack of supervision of your newborn,” the CPS worker says.

Doumbouya told them that they could not come into their house without a warrant, to which the CPS worker replies, we do not need one.

They still refused, but after the 3rd attempt and a consultation with an attorney, they agreed to let CPS inspect.

The cherry on top of this situation was that several days later they received the bill for the forced medical treatment. The ambulance ride alone was $3,320.00!

America, land of the free.