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Protests continued as approximately 100 people gathered on Tuesday night in Ferguson to march for unarmed teenager Mike Brown who was executed by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department.

The march, organized by 100 Black Men, began around 6:20pm leaving from Greater St. Mark's Family Church (the same church that was looted by cops- I mean raided- last week).

We were running a bit late and decided to drive to meet up with the march as it headed to W. Florissant, which ended up being more of a challenge than expected.

Police cars from many different departments lined the streets, filled the intersection, and were tucked in corners of every block.

As we attempted to turn down the street to meet the march we were stopped by an officer with his name tag blacked out. He asked if we were residents and informed us we could not proceed. I informed him I was press and he asked who I write for and asked to see credentials. He accepted my press pass and allowed us to continue.

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Is that a shadow or a Hitler moustache?

Is that a shadow or a Hitler moustache?

The march proceeded to the burnt down Qwiktrip and then headed back towards the church.
An officer was filming the protestors then quickly dropped his camera when I pointed mine back at him.

Despite the extremely excessive police presence the march made it back and ended peacefully.