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San Antonio, TX — If you believed the official story of how the San Antonio Police Department and federal law enforcement agents killed Randall Goodale while serving an arrest warrant earlier this month, you'd think the officers barely escaped with their lives and had no choice but to use lethal force. However, unlike the officers involved in the execution of Goodale, video captured on a nearby surveillance system does not lie.

On Jan. 13 police were serving Goodale with an arrest warrant for felon in possession of a handgun. Police claimed that when officers pulled up Goodale “started ramming into occupied police vehicles.”

At an interview on the scene of the crime that day, SAPD Chief William McManus did not stutter when he said, “Well, he was ramming the cars, for one. And there were officers in the vehicles whose lives were being threatened by that."

But this simply wasn't true at all. Goodale's vehicle never rammed the cars until after cops killed him and he either fell on the gear shift or the accelerator. Also, the cops weren't even in the vehicles.

What actually happened is clear from the video. Police are seen rolling up to Goodale, who was reportedly working on his truck in the driveway. Within seconds of arriving, police open fire on him.

Goodale is sitting in the driver’s seat but cannot be seen clearly in the video because the trailer blocks the camera’s view. But it is entirely clear that the vehicle was not moving. KSAT, who exclusively obtained the video, explains how the incident unfolded:

As soon as officers block the driveway, several exit the vehicles and draw their guns. About 15 seconds after pointing their weapons, officers can be seen opening fire on the truck from multiple angles.

Shortly after officers finished shooting (police have not yet provided the number of shots fired), the truck slowly moves down the driveway and bumps into one of the parked, unmarked police vehicles, which appears to be unoccupied.

A plume of smoke rises from the truck’s rear tires, potentially a result of Goodale’s feet hitting the brake and accelerator after being shot.

The footage does not include audio of the shooting, and KSAT has muted the video to leave out comments of residents who were watching the footage. A white cursor arrow seen in the footage was part of the original video and was not added by KSAT.

The person who took the video gave it to KSAT and was so scared of retaliation by police that he didn't give his name. He explained that Goodale was working on his truck when police pulled up. He told KSAT that they secretly hid the recording of the shooting because they knew the officers would try to destroy it. Luckily, his job of hiding it was successful.

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Now, police are on the defensive, refusing to talk to the press and releasing only a simple statement claiming that videos “don’t always provide the full scope of an officer’s perception.”

That statement essentially claims that an officer is justified in killing someone based on a mere perception of a threat that doesn't even have to exist or ever happen.

“Chief McManus provided information at the scene as the investigation was just underway. As always, this is preliminary information and subject to change as the investigation unfolds. Surveillance videos are important, however, they don’t always provide the full scope of an officer’s perception. For example, there is no audio in the video you obtained so you cannot hear what the officers are experiencing. In addition, you cannot see what the suspect is doing so you do not know what the officers are perceiving. The SAPD Officer Involved Shooting Team is conducting an investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, the results will be forwarded to the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office for an independent review,” SAPD spokesperson Sgt. Michelle Ramos said.

Adding to the insidious nature of this wholesale execution caught on video is the fact that police have yet to say they found Goodale in possession of a firearm — meaning he was likely unarmed — and they have refused to release any details from his arrest warrant.

Yes, Goodale has a criminal history and has been in and out of the system but he did not deserve to be executed in his driveway by cops who clearly have no problem covering up how he was killed.

Since the video became public, KSAT reports San Antonio police officers have been removed from the federal task force, though SAPD officials did not provide a reason for the move.

Below is this disturbing video showing why people in this country increasingly do not trust police.