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police misconduct

An article published in the Daily Caller this week, written by a law enforcement officer who goes by the name "Deputy Matt," says that society's negative feelings towards police are unfounded. Deputy Matt says that the police are trying to "keep society safe" and that the unfavorable news coverage of law enforcement is making his job harder.

This article, at best, is an attempt to refuse to take responsibility for the brutality, corruption, and heavily militarized action that is running rampant through police departments nationwide. At worst it is an attempt to censor media coverage of police misconduct.

In the article, Deputy Matt claims that since the "month long Circus" in Ferguson has gone on, "the number of police shot in the line of duty has skyrocketed."

However, when we look up the line of duty deaths resulting from gunshots this year, May had more gunshot deaths than August or September.

There has been a significant increase in police officer shooting deaths this year, up 16 deaths, but all of these were not immediately following Ferguson.

In 2013, 105 police officers lost their lives in the line of duty. So far this year, there have been 82 deaths; almost the exact same rate as 2013.

Deputy Matt wants you to think that exposing police corruption leads to innocent people being murdered.

We, the local cops they have seen and contacted in the past, have not changed. We have done nothing different.

What has changed is the public’s perception of us, created by the reckless reporting by nearly every news outlet very early after the shooting of Michael Brown. The rush to be first with the story over the desire to be correct is having dire consequences nationwide, and quite honestly, has made my job more difficult and more dangerous.

What happened in Ferguson could have happened in any town across America. In fact, unarmed people are shot by police all across America, and the mainstream media largely ignores it.

But something snapped in Ferguson, the people had enough and took to the streets to express their discontent. We're not talking about the thugs and looters but the peaceful protesters who refused to lie down and be oppressed.

Sure, the most recent shooting in Ferguson of Vonderrit Myers was blown up in the media. It was front page news because it happened in a town that has become famous for killing an unarmed young black man, and Myers was shot during the scheduled protest of this unarmed black teen.

The death of Vonderrit Myers is tragic, but it looks like he actually fired on the officer, so the officer shooting back was somewhat justified. But what the people of St. Louis are upset about is that Myers would still be alive had the off-duty officer not approached them in the first place, for simply standing on a sidewalk.

Deputy Matt wants you to believe that police officers are not violent, corrupt, and dangerous. Instead, he wants you to think that the media is just telling you this to keep you tuned in.

The fact of the matter is that police misconduct has never been part of the mainstream. But recently, with the help of the Free Thought Project, it is being forced out into the national conversation.

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Police officers across the country commit horrid crimes, some departments are more in line with the mafia or a street gang than they are with law enforcement.

The people's mistrust of police is anything but unfounded and, in fact, quite healthy. Blind trust in government always leads to a more corrupt government, always.

Just look at how "faith in the system" over the years has served to create a standing army who is robbing the country blind. 

In case Deputy Matt has been sheltered from the myriad of atrocities carried out by police, we will remind him of the following recent stories.

In July a police officer shot and killed an unarmed man and kept his job.

In August a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager, Dillon Taylor, and will keep his job.

A cop in Miami was recently rehired after shooting and killing unarmed Travis McNeil.

In Ottawa, KS police shot and killed an unarmed teenager while the family begged them not to.

In August, 24-year-old Ezell Ford, unarmed, was shot and killed by police for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In Ohio, police stormed a Wal-mart and shot and killed a man who was going to purchase a BB-gun that he picked up in the store.

The list goes on, in fact there have been 5,000 American citizens killed by police since 9/11.

However, shooting unarmed people is not all that police do, they frequently, deal drugs, run child prostitution rings, make child porn, molest children, kill dogs,rape women, throw grenades into baby cribs, and steal things from people.

And these things are just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to play around with the search bar at the top of this page to delve deep into the sick sociopath tendencies of some police officers.

So, Deputy Matt, it is most certainly NOT media coverage that is giving police a bad name. It is the police. The mistrust is coming from their rampant violations of the law and the complete lack of accountability that goes along with it.

The solution to this conundrum is very easy. If you want police to stop being mistrusted and regain the respect of Americans, stop killing, raping, sodomizing, and assaulting them. Stop building this standing army. Stop illegally arresting people for filming you. Stop locking people in cages for choosing to smoke a plant. Stop busting down doors at 2 am looking for an "illegal" part of nature. Stop the drug war all together. Protect the rights of the people instead of violating them. Then, maybe then, this country will start to have trust in law enforcement again.