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Brooklyn, NY-- A video uploaded to LiveLeak on Friday captured disgusting behavior by the NYPD as a man attempted to file a complaint after his home was mistakenly raided when officers went to the wrong house.

In the video, a man enters the precinct to file the complaint with Civilian Complaint Review Board. He then explains that police ran into his house while his wife was in the shower and attempts to find out who will be held responsible for the dangerous mistake.

"I just had squad cars of officers run up in my house, my apartment, while my wife was naked in the shower- because of the wrong address, because central gave the wrong address. So who is responsible for that?" The man asked.

"You don't demand anything, that's the first thing." the officer said before becoming agitated and yelling at the man to leave the station.

The officer then began yelling obscenities at the man and shoved him out of the building as he repeatedly requested to file a report.

"I can't make a report?" He asked.

"Get the fuck out! Get out of my station house right now!" The officer responded.

The man was then told that the only way he could file a report was to go online or call.

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This cycle of abusive behavior makes it impossible for police officers to be held accountable for their misconduct and leaves people feeling helpless, with no one to turn to when they need help.

First, officers arrive at the wrong location and terrorize people inside in their own home. Then, seeking protection and accountability, the victims are berated and physically attacked by those they are told to trust. We are taught to go to the police if someone invades our home. Well, this a prime example of what happens when you go to the cops for help.

Unfortunately, Brooklyn is notorious for its police misconduct. Less than a month ago, officers in Brooklyn showed up at the wrong house, let the family's dog out and shot at it, firing recklessly into a crowd. The cops then arrested one of the people who lived there for "disturbing the peace." Ironic, as the officers were actually the ones disturbing the peace.

Not only are officers in Brooklyn reckless, but they are also corrupt. In April, an officer in Brooklyn was caught on camera robbing a store during a raid over untaxed cigarettes.

In January, the Brooklyn District Attorney announced that they are investigating six officers for planting guns on suspects in order to arrest them for illegal possession of firearms.

Watch out Brooklyn, there's a dangerous gang in your streets.