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Cellphone video captured by an airline passenger shows a dramatic SWAT raid onto a Sunwing flight.

The Free Thought Project

Matt Agorist

July 27, 2014

A dozen SWAT members, with guns drawn and pointed at passengers, stormed a plane at Toronto's Pearson International Airport Friday, because a passenger made a "direct threat against the aircraft."

The airline said the Panama-bound plane was forced to return to Toronto Friday morning about 45 minutes into the flight after a passenger, identified as Ali Shahi, allegedly said that he wanted to "bomb Canada."

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Shahi, who is a Canadian citizen, was jailed on charges of mischief to property and endangering the safety of an aircraft.

Canada has its own version of the TSA called Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, which operates under the same premise as the US TSA. All passengers are heavily screened via naked body scanners, walk-through metal detectors, and x-ray scanners.

The fact that the Canadian government felt it necessary to send a dozen armed men onto a plane, with M4 Carbine rifles, pointed at the heads of hundreds of passengers, for a single verbal comment from a passenger, who went through the CATSA's extensive screening process that supposedly "keeps us safe," exposes the hair trigger that is the Western police state.

Luckily no innocent people or their pets were killed.

Are we to expect SWAT raids every time some disgruntled idiot makes a comment? Awe we to see SWAT raids when someone raises their voice at the post office, or at restaurants when patrons complain about their food, or a fight in the schoolyard?

This incident should raise an eyebrow, at the very least, to the expansive police state. At what point will the state be able to promise total security? Should everyone be subjected to the barrel of a gun 24 hours a day? How about we disarm the population and put everyone in prison-like housing, under 24 hour video surveillance? Would the West feel safe then?