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June 28, 2014

A Redding, California man was maintaining police accountability by filming a police officer last week when something infuriating happened.

The man in the video, identified as Nicholas, was more than far enough away to not interfere with this officer while he filmed him.

But that did not stop this cop from blowing a fuse.

The officer first makes an unlawful order by telling Nicholas to "get in his car and leave!"

When Nicholas refuses to listen to the fiery rantings of this jackboot, he is then illegally detained by this maniac.

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He tells the officer, "You are intimidating me, I am afraid for my life and the lives of my children."

To which the maniac on a power trip with the taser and pistol replies, "So am I."

What happens next is an enraging fit of intimidation and rights violations.

This cop is the epitome of what is wrong with police these days.

The cop in this video would do well to either quit or get some advice from SSGT Guthrie.