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"Free speech only goes so far!" says this power tripping NYPD cop.

New York, NY -- An intense video was submitted to the Free Thought Project of an interaction between a citizen and an NYPD officer.

The interaction started as the citizen saw a private security guard block in a taxi cab for picking up a fare. The citizen filming simply voiced his concern over the security guard detaining the taxi, when he was approached by power tripping officer Butler.

The confrontation becomes heated quickly as the citizen refuses to be bullied by Butler.

Butler tells the man that he cannot say what he wants to and cannot be filming, at which point the man rebuts. That's when officer Butler chose to stifle the citizen's first amendment rights, going so far as to tell him that, "Your First Amendment Ends Right Here!"

At one point the two men brush hands as Butler tries to snatch the wallet out of the man's hand. Butler quickly calls it assault and tells the man filming that he will arrest him for assault on an officer. Eventually a crowd begins to gather as Butler continues his barrage.

After Butler gets the ID and begins writing citations for "obscene language" and "unreasonable sound" one officer tells the man to look at the crowd that's gathering because of your actions. Then, in an awesome display, the crowd says they are there for the citizen's protection!

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Despite the rantings of one woman who would rather give up her rights than the assert them, the crowd was in total support of this man.

In the background while the ticket is being written, Butler can be hear saying, "free speech only goes so far."

Eventually the citizen is given the ticket by an obviously flustered and constitutionally oblivious Officer Butler.

The video was taken by a member of Peaceful Streets NYPD, who had this to say about it.

This NYPD Officer Butler soothes his ego by writing me 2 summons at Barclay center Atlantic Mall. One for "obscene language" the other for "unreasonable sound."
This power hungry adrenaline junkie couldn't handle that he told me to shut my mouth and I refused to obey and kept filming him while he harassed a citizen who was already being victimized by other power tripping corporate stooges.