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Tabor City, North Carolina - David Lawrence Wallace, Jr., a prison guard who worked at the Tabor Correctional Institution, was recently arrested for plotting to burglarize a facility that housed armored trucks.

officer wallace

He had also reportedly planned to behead the owner of the business and his wife, so the robbery would look like an act of terrorism.

The plot was uncovered in September, when Wallace began asking fellow Army reservists to get involved in the heist. Wallace told the other Army recruits during training drills that he was a former employee of the armored truck facility Garda Cash and Logistics, and had vital information about the inner workings of the company that would make the heist possible.

Wallace had reportedly said that there would be over $30 million in the building, which is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He also said that the facility was lightly guarded on weekends, which is when he was going to plan his attack.

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After the conversation with Wallace, one of the reservists that he had spoken with decided to inform the FBI about the plot. In the course of their investigation, the FBI obtained recorded conversations where Wallace described the plot in detail, and even discussed stealing guns that would be used for the heist. In one conversation, Wallace was recorded saying that he planned to die firing on police if the plot was unsuccessful.

Wallace is currently being held in the Darlington County Prison Facility awaiting trial.

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