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"I was there on the ground! That is NOT what happened!"

Talib Kweli, rapper and activist, was on CNN Thursday explaining why he is on the ground in Ferguson, doing his own reporting.

Kweli explains the power of Twitter reporting, but concedes that in order for it to be effective, it has to be real; so he went to Ferguson to get real.

Just a few moments into the interview, Kweli was trying to explain to CNN anchor, Don Lemon, that the mainstream media's coverage of events like this is often inaccurate. Kweli mentions the story on with the misleading title, Ferguson Streets were calm until bottles fly.

CNN will have the reader believe that all was good prior to a bottle flying. The cops in war gear, with guns drawn, helmets on, in police tanks, is apparently a justified reaction to people protesting the shooting of an unarmed teen by police.

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Kweli, simply tried to point out the fact that the militarized police are the ones escalating the situation, but Lemon would not let him finish his explanation.

Kweli refused to be silenced or cutoff and this 7 minutes of CNN footage quickly escalated into epicness.