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Madison Heights, MI — When police officers shoot and kill unarmed people, most Americans simply dismiss it, claiming that the person likely deserved it and they should have just complied. It is hard to ignore it, however, when bullets that were aimed at that unarmed person come flying into your home at 2 a.m.

For residents in the Madison Oaks Community, that is exactly what happened as police shot and killed a suspected burglar in front of their homes — while also shooting those homes.

According to police, they were chasing a burglary suspect who claimed he was not going back to jail. When they cornered him at the Knights Inn motel, near the Madison Oaks Community, the suspect attempted to flee, ramming police cars in the process.

"They knew who he was, they knew his background, they knew he was a dangerous criminal," said Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer. "He had statements that he would not go back to prison, which meant to us he would use any type of force necessary to not be arrested."

Because police officers seem utterly incapable of stepping to the side to get out of the way of a vehicle, opting for the much safer arrest down the road, officers stood their ground and used deadly force instead. When the suspect rammed their cars, multiple cops opened fire on his vehicle, with obvious reckless disregard for the dozens of homes behind their target.

"I woke up to like, yelling and shouting," Amanda Freeland told FOX 2. Freeland’s home is one of several of the mobile homes that had bullets come flying into them in the middle of the night.

"Then I heard a ping on the house," she added.

"It went through here and it went all the way through my living room," said Freeland. "And it came out the other side of my living room under my Christmas tree."

Freeland told FOX 2 that she is thankful that her boyfriend was at work at the time because he would have been in the bullet's path if he were home. She explained that had the bullet been a few feet to the right, it could've killed her daughter.

"If it would have been a bit further down, it would’ve hit my daughters’ room," Freeland said. "It would’ve hit her bed."

Raqul Delinski is another resident who was shaken out of bed to the sound of police bullets flying through her home.

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"How many shots did you hear?" the FOX 2 reporter asked Delinski.

"More than I can remember or count," she said.

Highlighting the utter insanity of the makeshift firing range police constructed in front of a neighborhood, Delinski's home is 100 feet away from Amanda Freeland — meaning the spread of stray bullets covered at least 100 feet.

"This has been a terrifying incident," Delinski said. "Every noise I hear, every thump from a trash can hitting my trailer now, I just jump up and think it can be another bullet."

Luckily, no one inside the homes was hurt or killed.

Freeland said the next morning, police came by and retrieved the bullet from her home. They are now conducting an "investigation" to see if the bullets belonged to the Warren police — who were the only people shooting that night.

If the investigation determines the bullets belong to the cops, police say they will fix the damage to the homes. Luckily, they have that option as there is no fixing a bullet to the head of a child.

While everyone in the above story was unarmed — less the burglary suspect — other people have not been so lucky. Stray police bullets harm people all too often. Kameron Prescott's life was taken from him when he was only 7 years old because cops were trying to kill an unarmed woman suspected of burglary. Those officers were never held accountable, despite video showing there was no reason to open fire.

Over the years, TFTP has reported on numerous other instances in which cops attempted to kill dogs and have shot and killed innocent people in the process.

As we reported in September, a Texas grand jury indicted a police officer after he was seen on video trying to kill a dog and killing an innocent woman instead.

Arlington police officer Ravi Singh was charged with criminally negligent homicide for killing Maggie Brooks, 30, the daughter of an Arlington fire captain.

The list goes on.