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Marine, combat veteran, retired law enforcement, reformed statist. Here to bring some insight into the twisted web that is policing in the United States and to show what happens when a decorated officer begins seeing the truth.

Exposing the Blue Line

August 8, 2014

Beast of Burden- The politics of corruption

I started my career in law enforcement, like a lot of officers do, working in a county jail. I had been advised by some experienced officers that this was the best route not only because the department would pay for your peace officer certification but you learned a good bit about dealing with "criminals" being surrounded by them on a daily basis.

I learned the best way to deal with people was to treat them like human beings, not caged animals. More flies with honey like they say. Be firm and professional. Listen to them, talk to them, and take their concerns as legitimate and you're less likely to end up with a shank in you (although not always, as we will get to later).

Now this isn't to say my short time working in the jail was all rainbows and lollipops. Even though the facility I worked in was considered one of the safest in the area, there was still a decent amount of violence that occurred. And a large percentage of that violence was caused, directly or indirectly, by the frat boy jack offs of the jails special response team, or SERT.

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This special duty attracted the kind of people who were too chicken shit to do any real kind of law enforcement outside of the jail, but would rather run around a secured facility dressed like a velcro laden batman ninja, beating the shit out of unarmed inmates.

Use of force policy and procedure be damned, if you were on the Beaker Squad, you could get away with murder. Literally.

I'll never forget my first encounter with their fearless leader, one of the most corrupt and incompetent law enforcement officers I ever had the displeasure of dealing with. This man would become the bain of my existence for the decade I was at the department. He would also greatly facilitate my final decision to leave law enforcement.

He had been caught red handed breaking multiple state and federal laws throughout the years. After each incident, not only would the department sweep the evidence under the proverbial rug, he would also get promoted.

During my tenure he rose to the third in command of the entire department, where he still sits today. Countless lives have been destroyed by this man and he gets a pass, every...... damn....... time........

Why the Beaker Squad you ask? Well, the piece of shit in charge of it looked exactly like above. A tall, lanky, twitchy son of a bitch incapable of telling an iota of truth about anything. The man is a pathological liar.

I start this introduction to him today, but it will be an ongoing account. There are simply too many stories and too much to cover on the depth of this mans depravity for one entry so please bear with me.

If you have read my previous blog entries I'm sure you've noticed a certain vagueness in my stories concerning exact locations and names. This is one, for my safety.

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Getting out of law enforcement and actually speaking out against it is the equivalent of leaving a criminal street gang and turning informant.

People like me are not tolerated and they will do and/or say anything to discredit and harass whistle blowers. Number two, one of my final investigations before resigning has landed them in the middle of a large class action lawsuit that is still in the courts. I do not want to publish something that might interfere with the case. One day I hope to write about some of these incidents with full disclosure, but until things are settled in court, I must choose my words very carefully.

So lets start with Beakers origins. This guy is your typical politician. Everything he has is due to his ability to pull the wool over most peoples eyes. He's egotistical, pathological, cunning and dangerous. He came from one of the predominate law enforcement agencies in the country.

Sadly for him, his career there ended after being caught giving false testimony (perjury) and lying on a search warrant affidavit. This little slip up of his cost the tax payers of that county approximately 6 million dollars.

He also likes to tell the story about how he was shot by a gang banger during a violent life or death struggle. In actuality, his tactical prowess allowed a citizen to take his gun from him and shoot him, claiming self defense. He was also, according to him, a super secret special forces commando in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Hush hush, black book, CIA kind of operations.

I guess he didn't realize that there's a nifty little thing called the Freedom of Information Act, and a simple submission form would land his military records (DD-214) at my doorstep. This fucker was a gate guard in the late 70's at a CONUS base. When confronted about it, he stated that it was just a cover story.

Yeah, that's the kind of guy we're dealing with here. If you'd like links to the news articles confirming this information, feel free to send me an email or DM me on twitter.

After the 6 million dollar judgement, Beaker was pretty much run out of the state. A investigative committee formed afterwards named him one of the most corrupt officers in that department. That's pretty impressive for the size of that particular department. To rank up there towards the top while the agencies policies and procedures itself were criminal is no small feat. A real over achiever, this guy.

Fast forward a few years later and a few thousand miles away from his litigious adventures and we find him hired by another agency, the agency I would soon be working for as well. But he wasn't just hired as a line level officer, he was appointed by the head cheese to lieutenant right out of the gate. No background check, no references, straight to a supervisory position. What could go wrong?

I'm sure you're asking yourself how this could happen. How could this man who had perjured himself in a court of law get hired at another agency? How could this man, who had admitted to lying on search warrant affidavits, be policing again? How could a man with multiple civil rights violations under his belt be put in a command position? How could a man who can NEVER swear out another warrant due to his lack of credibility be put on such a pedestal?

Horses. Him and my former boss raised horses. Politics in action.

Guy Buddy is a former Marine and retired law enforcement officer. Buddy recently started a blog in which he gives an informative and often satirical account of his experience behind the blue line. If you like what you just read, you can follow him on google + or simply visit his blog at Exposing the blue line.