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June 10, 2014

Rafael Bautista was going to put his young daughter's feet into the ocean for the first time when he was approached by a couple of 'not so nice' cops.

What happened next was another terrible example of police officers 'protecting and serving.'

Bautista told the Free Thought Project his story. Here it is below complete with video of the incident.

On June 6, 2014, two officers approached me at the beach. I was feeding my four month old daughter her bottle. My daughters' 2 lb., toy, Yorkie was leashed to the stroller. My daughter's diaper bag was hanging off the stroller on the end facing me. 

The officers stopped their ATV and asked if that was my dog. I replied 'yes'

 and asked them if they were going to give me a ticket. They said yes. They asked if I had my ID on me. I asked what would happen if I did not. The officer then responded by saying that I would be arrested. That is when I turned the camera on them the first time.

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I asked the officer if having a dog on the beach was a crime. He eventually said yes, so I asked several times to make sure that was correct. I initially recorded that clip because the officers took a hostile position against me by enclosing me in while I was sitting near the water, barefoot, with my daughter in my hands. They asked again if I had my ID on my body. I said that it was in the stroller, while I was calmly putting my daughter's bottle away. In the process of standing up, the female officer pushed me back down to the sand. The officer applied pressure on both of my shoulders and pushed down on me. I could not believe what had happened. I was not told that I was being detained or arrested and was not told to remain seated. 

Instead of losing my mind, I took out my phone and started to record. I was extremely concerned for my daughter's safety at that moment. I was being held down by one officer, while the other searched through my daughter's diaper bag. He went through the bag, even after I told him twice that my wallet was in the basket. He took out my Ipad and removed the contents of the bag, looking at my daughter's vaccination record while he asked for my name again. I was oppressed, angry and completely disregarded as a human being. The officer did not want to know my name, he didn't care. The officers were harassing me to incite something. The officers were in contempt. 

While they ran my record, they began to write the ticket. I conversed with the male officer, while the other officer ran the info. He told me that the no dog rule is because of poop and because people could trip on the leash.

At this point, I was livid. My rights had been violated, people walked by and i asked for help but no one stopped. The whole ordeal took between 15-20 minutes. When I was given the ticket to sign, I signed FUCK YOU PIGS. She called the sergeant and said that the sergeant was coming if I didn't sign. She asked her superior on the phone if she could accept FUCK YOU PIGS as a signature. They then said, again, that I could be arrested if I did not sign. I signed. They left and I finished feeding my daughter, put her feet in the water for the first time; which she loved. We took a beach selfie and bounced to pick up my disabled daughter from school.