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Perry County, KY — The Kentucky State Police have been searching for an assailant who was seen punching a child in the face at the Perry County High School Basketball Match on Friday, December 3. They cannot find that man, despite knowing who he is and where he works. The man they are looking for is Owsley County Sheriff Brent Lynch and he's reportedly on the run.

According to the KSP, the sheriff, who is the assistant coach for the girl's basketball team in Owsley County, was seen on video punching a child in the face during a quarrel at the game.

Apparently, the sheriff's team was down by double digit points and tensions were high when two of the players kicked off a brawl. As the sheriff made his way onto the court, he is seen punching the student in her face.

After the incident was reported through a complaint, the KSP issued a warrant for Lynch's arrest for an assault in the fourth degree. When they went to serve the sheriff with the warrant, however, he was nowhere to be found and now a search is underway.

Apparently, Lynch also abandoned his post as the elected sheriff of Owsley County. His status with the department is currently unknown. However, the people who elected him, now know he has no problem beating up teenage girls, so his time at the department is likely limited.

According to previous news reports, the sheriff — as a coach — has been in situations like this one before and used his sheriff powers to go after fans, up to and including arresting them.

The Free Thought Project reached out to the Owsley County sheriff's department who did not comment on the sheriff's whereabouts or the warrant for his arrest.

Oddly enough, TFTP has reported on cops causing disturbances at high school basketball sporting events before.

During a wrestling tournament at Fowlerville High School in 2018, panic ensued as a gun shot rang out. The shot was fired from the gun of an off-duty Flint police officer who was there to watch his son wrestle.

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“A parent had a revolver in their pocket that discharged somehow and went off in the middle of our wrestling tournament,” said Steve Richardson, an official with Michigan USA Wrestling.

That parent was a police officer whose identity was protected and who was not arrested—two privileges that would most assuredly not be given to a civilian who accidentally fired off a round in a school.

“After the police were here and did their investigation and did what they had to do, we were able to resume wrestling and finish our tournament,” Richardson said.

According to the school, the cop shot the gun while he stood up sending the bullet into the floor. Luckily the floor was wooden and the bullet did not ricochet and kill a child.

“I’m waiting by my mat on a stair, and right next to me, about like five inches away, all I hear is a loud boom, and a gun goes right next to my foot and barely misses me,” John Allen, a 12-year-old who witnessed the gunshot, said.

The gunshot caused immediate panic as parents frantically grabbed their children and headed for the exits fearing the worse.

“I remember right away I just yelled, and my mom grabbed me, and I just ran,” John said.

“People were crazy, it was a stampede to get out of the gym. Kids were stepped on and lost and it was complete chaos,” witness Chelsea Marie said.

At least one person had to be transported to the hospital and despite the chaos he caused, the unidentified cop never faced any consequences.