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Kennewick, WA -- A disturbing yet incredibly revealing video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday which shows a Kennewick police officer admit to a slew of misdeeds.

The video starts out with the officer proclaiming how stopping these teenagers on the last day of the month, just helped him reach his quota.

"This is the last day of the month. I get every stat I need just off of you guys," says the officer as he begins his rights violating confession.

"So you guys gotta make quota, huh?" asks the detained teen.

"We don't have a quota. We have expectations. And what that means is, you will make so many arrests a month, you should write so many tickets a month, and you should haul so many dumbasses to jail a month. If we're gonna pay you $100,000 a year, we should expect something back from you, shouldn't we?" says the officer.

When the man replies, 'yes' that he understands what the officer just said, the cop then asks, "Would you like to be part of my quota tonight?"

The young man then asks the cop, "On what grounds [would you arrest me]?"

To which the cop replies, "'On what grounds?' Oh, I don't know, I'll think of something. How about aiding and abetting reckless driving?"

The officer basically admits that he will simply make up any charges he wants, just to make an arrest.

"Fair enough," says the man, trying to prevent himself from being kidnapped by this officer for no reason.

"You better wipe that smile off your face brother, or I'll show ya," says the officer.

It doesn't stop there, this officer then exposes himself for the true power-tripping tyrant that he is.

"Now, let me tell you what the difference between being a smart guy and a dumbass is. You sit there with that shit-eating grin on your face, let me see some id!" says the tyrant officer.

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The young man then replies as he's going to show the officer his ID, "It's cool I got a clean record."

That's when the officer becomes brutally honest about how he can abuse his power to ruin innocent lives.

The officer replies, "Yeah, but you know what? I'm the guy that can make that record look dirty."

At this point the officer then admits how the entire system is funded through this type of shakedown and extortion racket.

"You are a guy that's gonna end up giving the city a lot of money," says the officer explaining how the state aggressively pursues poor people to pay their exorbitant salaries. 

The officer then proceeds to massively flex his authority as the teen isn't bowing down fast enough, screaming, "Shut up! Shut up!"

The teen filming then asks the officer for his name, to which the officer yells, "Be Quiet! Or you'll have my name on a police report and your ass will be on the way to juvi for aiding and abetting! Understand that?"

To top it all off, the officer then attacks the teen's First Amendment right, by telling him that he did not give him permission to film.

"I didn't give you permission!" says the officer as he yanks the phone from the teen's hand.

The video then ends. Let's make this officer, who makes $100,000 a year to harass innocent people, internet famous. Share this article with your friends and family to show them what protecting and serving has become in the Land of the Free.


The officer in the video has been identified as Glenn Ball. After this article went live, the Kennewick Police department issued a statement decrying the officer's actions.

Summary of Incident: Kennewick, Wa. The Kennewick Police were made aware late last week of a video of one of our officers on a traffic stop interacting with the driver and passenger. One of the citizens present at the traffic stop was recording the officer.

Since being made aware of the video, the Kennewick Police Department initiated an internal investigation of the officer involved in the incident. The video was posted on social media and we have viewed the video The officer involved is positively identified as Glenn Ball.

He is a 21 year veteran of the Kennewick Police He is still on active duty during this investigation.

Based on what we have seen in the video, the officer's comments are not consistent with our values and are not consistent with our expectations of how our officers should interact with the public.

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