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Colerain Township, OH — A video uploaded to social media this week is causing quite the controversy after showing a violent interaction between two deputies with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and a 12-year-old girl — at a skating rink. At the center of the controversy is the deputies' decision to taser the girl for compliance.

The video is of an incident that took place over the weekend on Saturday night at The Skatin' Place. According to Hamilton County Sheriff's Office spokesman Mike Robison, the deputies asked the 12-year-old girl to leave the establishment multiple times. However, according to deputies, she refused to comply.

Deputies then told her to leave and "using extremely disrespectful language she vehemently refused to comply," reads a press release.

According to police, the 12-year-old girl only got physical once police grabbed her and attempted to escort her from the premises.

"When the Deputies attempted to escort her from the premises, she struck a Deputy twice in the face, and proceeded to continue to kick both Deputies. She was given several verbal commands to stop resisting which she also ignored," stated the press release.

The video shows the girl swinging, but it does not show her hit the deputy in the face twice.

Robinson says that it was at this point the stun gun was used on the back of the girl's leg. Instead of firing the actual taser prongs into the flesh of the 12-year-old, the less-than-lethal weapon was placed on stun to shock her into compliance using pain.

The 12-year-old was then arrested and taken to Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center where she was held until her parents arrived to pick her up. She is now charged with two counts of assault on an officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

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Just what could this 12-year-old girl have done to warrant such a police response? Surely she had to have been fighting, stealing, or destroying property, right?


According to Brian Liette, with The Skatin' Place, the girl was asked to follow the rule requiring patrons to wear skates. She was given a time frame in which to put on skates and warned she'd be asked to leave if she did not comply, reports Fox19.

The business asked her several times to put on the skates, but she refused.

When the skating rink is open, Hamilton County Sheriff's Office deputies are there to provide security. After the 12-year-old girl refused to put on skates, Liette said he notified the deputies and all hell broke loose.

According to, the sheriff's office said the use of force in the incident is being investigated, following the standard protocol whenever force is used.

"However, initial indications are the deputies reacted consistent[ly] with policies and procedures," the release said.

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