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Miami Beach, FL -- A bystander to a police altercation in Miami Beach captured a dramatic and outright cowardly shooting by Miami Beach Police Saturday morning.

The man who was killed had just held up a bank and was armed with a straight razor, so caution was definitely necessary. However, it was entirely clear that this man did not pose a threat at the time he was shot- especially to the cop in body armor who was armed with an AR-15 rifle.

According to the Miami New Times,

The confrontation started about 10:30 this morning when a hold-up alarm at the 1414 Alton Road Bank of America alerted police; the suspect said he was armed with a bomb, the teller told police.

When officers arrived, the suspect ran into a nearby barber shop and grabbed a straight-edge razor, says Det. Kathleen Prieto. "Shots were fired and the subject is deceased," she says in a statement.

Police have not released the man's name yet.

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The video was shot by Marcellus Johnson, an event photographer based out of Miami, who then uploaded to his Instagram.

The brief video begins with officers surrounding the shirtless man, armed only with a barber's tool. The female cop, who is clearly the braver of the two officers, logically pulls out her taser and fires. But this is when things immediately go south.

The taser actually worked. The man can be seen seizing up and began to fall backwards. However, falling backwards from a taser was apparently threatening to the armor-clad man armed with an AR-15. So, he fired two quick rounds into the man as he fell to the ground, killing him.

The video below highlights a severe problem with police in America. The adjective 'Trigger-happy' doesn't even begin to describe the sentiment that it takes to shoot a man who is falling to the ground.