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Seattle, WA -- Che Taylor, 46, was no stranger to the police. He's been in and out of jail on numerous occasions. However, none of his crimes ever warranted a death sentence -- but on Sunday afternoon, that's exactly what he got.

Around 3:30 Sunday afternoon, according to the Seattle police department, officers were conducting surveillance in an attempt to bust people for selling illicit substances to willing customers, when they saw Taylor and called for backup.

According to police, officers observed a man with a holstered handgun, and identified him as Che Taylor, who is legally prohibited from possessing a handgun. Additional units were called to the scene around 4:15 and at this point, multiple officers armed with AR-15 rifles began to approach.

Forget Taylor's past for a second and only look at this scenario from an objective viewpoint. Here is a man, standing at his car, about to sell a willing customer a product, when multiple armed men jump out of an unmarked car, are not in uniform and approach him with assault weapons aimed at his head. Most people would immediately freeze and do exactly what those armed men asked, unless you had a chance of escaping by shooting your way out or running.

However, it was clear that Taylor knew he was surrounded, and any attempts to fight back or flee would have been futile. So, from what the dashcam shows, Taylor complies with the officers' demands to get down on the ground.

It is at this point, where the claims made by the officers become insufficient.

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As Taylor lays down, out of the view of the camera, officers then claim that he tried reaching for his holstered handgun. However, when we watch the dashcam, it does not show this and the officer who came up to Taylor last, who immediately began firing, was clearly blocked from seeing anything up until he pulled the trigger.

Che Taylor was killed.

As is standard in instances of officer-involved shootings, the Seattle PD released Taylor's arrest record to shame him and pictures of the illicit substances they found on him, to justify this extrajudicial killing.

As was stated at the beginning of this article, Che Taylor was no saint. However, he certainly did not deserve to die, and had it not been for the war on drugs; he may have never found himself in that position in the first place.

If drug sales and use were treated as a medical concern instead of a criminal one, cops would have never been on the street that day. If drug sales and use weren't met with state violence through the immoral act of prohibition, criminals wouldn't rule the market and crime would be drastically reduced. If drug sales and use weren't treated like war crimes -- the United States and the rest of the world, would be a much safer and peaceful place.