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Austin, TX-- Witnesses to a brutal arrest by the Austin Police Department on Super Bowl Sunday are speaking out. They are extremely upset about what they saw when police were called to the disturbance at a nightclub.

The aftermath of the assault was captured on video and sent to the news by an anonymous witness.

A representative from the nightclub told My Fox Austin that a man, 22-year-old Luis Marquez De La Fuente, had to be escorted out of the club after becoming too intoxicated. They claim that once outside, the man started swinging at random people and so police were called to the location.

Upon their arrival, the police reportedly attempted to place De La Fuente under arrest for public intoxication, but claim that he was belligerent and uncooperative. Apparently being drunk and difficult is grounds to have your head smashed into a sidewalk.

"He literally bled about a pint of blood. He was laying on the ground as if he was dead." one witness stated.

One witness, who has also opted to remain anonymous, describes seeing the police throw the man into a wall before slamming him to the ground. The woman explains that the impact was so great that she could hear his skull hit the sidewalk.

"His brain hits the ground so hard. You could hear it, you could hear the skull hitting the ground," she explained.

After the assault began, De La Fuente's brother, 25-year-old Gabriel Marquez De La Fuente, began to worry about his brother's life and attempted to intervene.

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"Everyone's running around going, 'what is going on, why are the cops attacking this guy?' because from what we saw walking up, the guy wasn't resisting arrest, he wasn't fighting the cop,'" an anonymous female witness described.

According to the police report, Gabriel charges toward officers screaming,

"you're killing my brother."

They claim the concerned brother ignored commands to stop and attempted to grab an officer by the neck and head. He was subsequently arrested for interference with public duties.

Concerned for his unresponsive brother who was bleeding from the head on the sidewalk, the brother put up a struggle attempting to stop them from placing him into the police vehicle and taking him away from the scene. Gabriel was then tasered and charged with resisting transport.

Luis Marquez De La Fuente was transported to a local hospital for emergency treatment, and police claim he kicked an officer in the back of the head.

"Based on the limited information gleaned from reviewing the video, I have asked my staff to look into the matter to ensure members of our department acted appropriately. Further comment requires significant speculation which would be inappropriate." Chief Art Acevedo told Fox 7.

It is currently unclear if the officers involved remain on duty.

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