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A 26 year old from the Chicago area was driving his motorcycle down East Oakton St. in Des Plaines, where he was apparently cut off by a police officer driving an SUV.

The man is thrown from his bike and spins out until he ends up underneath the front bumper of the cruiser. What happened next, while not surprising is repugnant.

The officer gets out of his car and stares at the man laying on the ground under his bumper. He renders ZERO aid. When all of his buddies show up, they simply stare blankly at the man on the ground as he was slipping in and out of consciousness; walking around him like he was already dead.

No vitals were checked, no "are you okays," nothing. According to a user submitted thread on reddit the man who was hit brought his case to court and won.

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The victim also reported that he "had a few hundred dollars in his wallet as well as his cell phone in his pack back, which the police held for a few days that were missing when he got it back."

If ever you needed more compelling evidence that cops are here to protect and serve the state, and NOT the well-being of its citizenry, here it is.