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Houston, TX -- Laura Browder is a single mother of two who was hopeful about her new start in Houston, Texas. Last week, Browder optimistically went to the Memorial City Mall for a job interview.

Because the job interview happened on such short notice, Browder did not have the time nor the money to line up a sitter for her 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son; so she brought them along.

Browder's potential new boss had agreed to meet her in the food court, so she sat her children down at a table near the McDonalds and walked over to the interview. According to Browder, her children never left her sight, and they weren't more than 30 feet away.

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The good news is that Browder got the job. However, upon returning to her children, who were completely okay, Browder was met by a Houston Police Officer. She was immediately arrested for Child Abandonment.

CPS is currently investigating the incident, and a judge has placed her children back in her care.

While Browder was on the interview, her kids were not harmed, they were not lost, and they never left the sight of their mother, yet she was still charged. Browder was attempting to make a better life for herself and her children and along comes the state to foil her plans.

What used to be a normal part of life, such as granting children autonomy, is now a criminal action in the Land of the Free.