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April 15, 2014

Albuquerque police are investigating how flyers that encourage the killing of officers found their way into copies of the Albuquerque Journal, according to KOB News.

A spokesperson with APD said the flyers were stuck into newspapers, and a wife of an APD officer said one was even delivered to her doorstep.

The spokesperson said attacks and threats against police have been overwhelming at times. People have been calling in with death threats, their property has been vandalized multiple times, their social media sites have been inundated with various hate messages, and now these flyers.

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Here at The Free Thought Project, we stand against the initiation of violence. Everyone, even the most vile of criminals, deserves due process. The "pitchfork and torch" method of calling for blood without allowing all facts to be presented in a story is repugnant and makes one no different than the criminal state.

That being said, we do feel that we have a solution to the problem of the APD receiving death threats, STOP KILLING PEOPLE. Sooner or later, we will bring you to justice, you will be convicted, and you will pay for your crimes.