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"What did I do to be arrested?" Screams 24-year-old University of Tennessee-Chattanooga student Cole Montalvo as he is forced to the ground with a knee in his neck, and arrested last week after confronting a campus preacher who was calling students "adulterers" and "sinners."

Apparently the police on UTC felt that his free speech was less important than the preacher's free speech. Even the preacher is shocked by the scenario stating, "Is this how you always do it on this campus." She was likely prepared to engage onlookers as she was calling them all heathens and had to know it would spark debate. But the thugs in uniform couldn't wait to 'bash some heads" and instead of a rational debate happening, the cops escalated it to violence.

Students gathered round the uncalled for arrest and began filming. How much longer until the police action becomes so detestable that the onlookers will no longer remain passive and instead help the victim of brutality?

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