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Another 'isolated' incident of unscrupulous police action has been foiled by video, yet again.

Robert Jackson was sitting in his parked car in front of his home when a cop car came driving the wrong way down his one way street.

The cop car then hit Jackson's parked vehicle, so he gets out to check the damage. What happens next is, unfortunately, not surprising.

All of the sudden the two cops turn into eight and instead of apologizing for driving recklessly, the wrong way, down a one way street, they lie and say that Jackson had hit them!

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“Next thing you know I see a few cars come so I was like ‘oh no.’ Then they had gloves on and that’s when eight of them approached me,” Jackson told CBS New York.

Luckily for Jackson there was a surveillance camera on a nearby building and the criminal action of the cops was caught on video, showing exactly the opposite of what they tried to claim.

In his lawsuit filed Tuesday, Jackson claims the officers lied and said he was driving the truck at the time of the accident. But the surveillance video clearly shows that he wasn’t.

“I told him you wrong for that and arresting me in front of my kids like that, and he was like ‘I’m not messing up my $750,000 home over you!’” Jackson said. “It’s their word against my word, and nine times out of 10 I probably would’ve had to plead guilty to something I didn’t do. It’s like that.”

In his lawsuit Jackson names not only the city but also the two officers involved. He is seeking unspecified damages.