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San Francisco, CA -- A video was submitted to the Free Thought Project Wednesday, which shows what life looks like when you live in a police state.

San Francisco rap artist, Yung Lott was filming a music video at a public park in Bayview-Hunters Point, when their production was rudely and unlawfully brought to a halt.

As the video begins rolling the group is quickly interrupted as swarms of SFPD officers surround the group and demand they all put their hands up and get on their knees.

Cameraman, Brian Storm posted video of the raid on his Facebook page and it quickly began to go viral.

In an exclusive interview with the Free Thought Project, Storm said that this police action wasn't over a filming permit.

"It wasn't over a permit; there were cops that drove by and saw what we were doing and said nothing," Storm said.

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While police were tight-lipped about their rights-violating free for all, Storm says he heard one of them say they were "looking for a black male."

Apparently the nearly 20 men in attendance for the video, all must have "fit the description."

About 30-seconds into the video, police with guns drawn swarm in on this peaceful group of people, who were only filming a video.

As multiple officers bark out different commands, the group becomes confused as to what these cops are asking them to do. Luckily no one was shot or killed for listening to one cop's orders over another one.

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At this point, around the 1:55 mark, an irate cop decides that he will take over and begins yelling like a drill sergeant at the group.

Storm tries to keep filming as long as possible until an officer takes the camera out of his hands and places it on a table. Amazingly enough, the cop who set the camera down, framed up the scene fairly well which would help to capture the rest of this shakedown on film.

Storm tells the Free Thought Project that people were placed in groups and kept separate as not to allow anyone to know what was going on. One by one these men are cuffed and searched.

Storm tells us that he's not sure if there were any arrests.

"They placed us in different spots, not sure if everyone was let go. There was a kid who was there, they kept him until his parents could come," Storm recalls.

The San Francisco Police Department has yet to return our call.

When we first reached out to Storm, he explained how this type of harassment from police is, unfortunately, the norm.

"This kinda stuff happens every day it's not news, it's just something that was caught on camera, everyday police harassment," he explains.

Sadly, storm is right. From coast to coast, people are shaken down daily, some of them killed, by the American police state. So far this year, an average of one person every 8 hours has been killed by police. Meanwhile, other countries in the world go years without their police killing a single person. 

So much for the land of the free.