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Richland, SC -- A video posted to Facebook, shows a seemingly sadistic Richland county Sheriff's deputy allegedly taser a handcuffed man, who was not violent, at a local BP gas station.

The video starts with a man, Charles James Lang Jr., 25, sitting on the hood of the police cruiser, in handcuffs. He is simply asking the deputy why he is being arrested.

Apparently the deputy did not want any part of answering these questions. He then told Lang, “If you don’t put your face on the hood of my car, you are getting tased. Last warning." He then shot the handcuffed man with a taser, bringing him to his knees and eventually falling face first onto the pavement.

Once on the ground Lang, again, is posing absolutely zero threat to the deputy and appears to be answering his questions. Lang appears to simply make an effort to sit up and once again the taser happy deputy sends another 50,000 volts through the already incapacitated man.

Eventually Lang was arrested for public disorderly conduct and was also charged with resisting arrest after 'not complying with the officer.'

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The deputy exhibited absolutely zero humanity as Lang was treated like a dog the entire time.

Departments across the country have explicit guidelines stating that tasers cannot be used "escort or prod" suspects in handcuffs as it can and does lead to death. Apparently this is not the case in Richland County, SC.

According to Lt. Curtis Wilson, a Sheriff’s Department spokesman, the deputy followed proper procedure during the taser incident.

Wilson also stated that they have not released the details of what led up to the arrest, nor have they released the name of the deputy involved.

According to Wilson, once internal affairs has finished their investigation they will turn their findings over to the citizen’s advisory board who will review the findings. The board will then go to Sheriff Leon Lott with their recommendations and he will review the incident in its entirety.

What do you think? Was sending 50,000 volts through this man, twice, necessary?