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Phoenix, AZ -- After watching a Police SUV park on the top floor of a downtown Phoenix parking garage over and over again, neighbors in a nearby high rise became curious.

"It's kind of creepy," a resident said. "They just park up there and their lights are off. You just really don't know."

One of the residents bought a pair of binoculars just to find out what it was they were doing. When he figured it out he was blown away.

"They started shuffling up the cards and started playing and, like I said, sit back, smoke cigars and play cards for hours," he said.

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3TV News conducted a special investigation on the incident.

On March 26, 3 On Your Side's cameras captured two officers playing cards and smoking stogies. Residents said they arrived home about 8:30 p.m. to find the police vehicle parked on top of the garage and it didn't leave until after 10:15 p.m.

Cameras captured the police officers doing the same thing March 30, which residents said went on for at least two hours.

It appears to be a routine. After the sun goes down on nights without professional sporting events, the officers park in virtually the same spot and place a small playing table between them. Then they light up and play cards inside the SUV.

"I think that it's our taxpaying money and they're sitting up there for hours playing cards," said the resident who had purchased the binoculars.

While this is hilarious, it is also a disgrace. The City of Phoenix is under a heavy financial burden and they are paying these clowns to play cards and smoke cigars!

The silver lining to this incident? At least they weren't out harassing, kidnapping, or killing folks.