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Augusta, GA - A brief video uploaded to youtube yesterday will leave you wondering why people continue to seek assistance from armed men with badges in handling otherwise non-life threatening situations.

The 20-second video which was recorded at Skateland on Windsor Spring Rd. in Augusta shows a teenager wearing roller skates being violently forced to the ground and handcuffed by an overzealous Augusta sheriff's deputy.

As the video begins you can hear the teen say to the officer "They're harassing us." Before he is even able to finish this brief sentence, the deputy grabs the teen's right arm and the back of his neck and savagely slams him to the floor.

As soon as the teenager hits the ground, the hot-headed deputy proceeds to place him in handcuffs and immediately postures himself in a confrontational manner with another individual who witnessed the encounter. When the witness tells the officer that the teenager had done nothing wrong the officer apparently felt it necessary to aggressively intimidate him.

According to the Videographer:

My best friend was @ Skateland of Augusta, and he was taking up for his brother. That was being harrased by his ex girlfriend, and her grandmother. The cop and my buddy Jeff had some words, then he is excessively slammed on the ground for absolutely nothing.

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Below is the raw footage of this teenager's brutal assault by law enforcement.

This incredulous act by a law enforcement officer is far from an 'isolated incident'. As The Free Thought Project previously reported, In December of last year a Phoenix police officer bullied, intimidated, and brutally slammed a 16 year old boy to the sidewalk simply because he elected not to sit down when the officer demanded.

Sadly it doesn't matter if you are innocent or are even posing a threat to anyone. Police will use any excuse they can find to violently escalate a situation. Whether you are a sports fan celebrating your team's victory, a mother picking your daughter up from school or simply try to make an ATM withdrawal no one is immune from the violence of the police state.

The unfortunate truth is that there is no such thing as 'excessive force'. Police officers have been granted a monopoly on force and are authorized to use any amount of violence up to and including murdering you to uphold the law. Politicians can pass all the reforms in the world, but until this singular problem is addressed those reforms are nothing more than a band-aid on a broken leg. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Johnny Liberty is a researcher and investigative journalist. You can follow him on twitter @LibertyUnltd