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Summerville, SC — Frequent readers of the Free Thought Project likely know the lengths which police officers will go to enforce even the most minor of traffic offenses. In case after bloody case, TFTP has reported on individuals beaten, arrested, and even killed during stops for the most minor traffic offenses. Noah West, of Summerville, SC almost became another statistic last month when police pulled him over for his headlights and nearly executed him on his knees.

On March 21, Noah was on his way to visit his mom at work when he mistakenly forget to turn on his headlights. So, he was targeted by police and subsequently pulled over for it. This was no normal stop, however.

Many are claiming that this stop was an act of racial profiling due to the immediate escalation of deadly force by officers conducting the stop. Had Noah been a white woman driving to see her mother, he probably wouldn't have been staring down the barrels of police guns while on his knees for failing to turn on his headlights. But that's exactly what happened to him.

When police pulled over Noah, as the body camera footage shows, he was immediately held at gunpoint and ordered out of the car. He was then forced to his knees as cops held guns at his head.

He was nearly executed over forgetting to put his headlights in the on position.

“I was moving real slow. They told me to get out of the car. I got out. They told me to put my hands behind my back. I did that and then they told me to turn around. I did that. They told me to walk backwards slowly. Then they told me to get on my knees. I got on my knees, put my hands behind my back, they handcuffed me,” West said.

“All I was thinking was stay calm, God’s got you, God’s got you,” said Noah.

“I saw you driving and you didn’t have any lights on in your car. You see how that could look a little messed up?,” the officer asks, “The last time somebody go shot up in Robynwyn the vehicle left with no lights on.”

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Because Noah was on his way to visit his mother, he was pulled over right outside her place of work, so she witnessed the entire scene unfold.

“I was like oh, oh my gosh, they have my son. And they had guns. It was three police cars. They had guns pointed at my son, so I opened up the window, and I am screaming "That’s my baby, that’s my baby, please don’t do this to my baby,” Jamica West, Noah's mother said.

“As I was screaming, and I was like Noah, you got this. You have this. Because, I knew he never experienced this before,” West said.

Luckily Noah never attempted to pull up his pants, never stuttered, and never tripped up or he could have been easily executed by police.

According to police, the guns and the insane show of force during the stop was due to alleged gunfire in the area nearby.

Authorities said a felony traffic stop was conducted due to the “seriousness of the car possibly being involved.” Once police determined Noah was an innocent kid trying to visit his mother, he was let go, but the damage was already done.

West told ABC 4, the encounter never should have happened.

“It’s crazy. It’s not right at all. I did nothing to deserve that. Nobody deserves that. And, if I would have made one false move, I probably would have been dead,” West said.

For those who doubt police would kill someone over a minor traffic stop like this one, we've reported on it far too many times to recall them all. Just last week, we reported on the case of Javier Ambler, 40, who was targeted by police for failing to dim his brights. Just minutes after he was targeted by police, Ambler would have the air squeezed from his lungs and would die, face down on the pavement with cops kneeling on him. The officers who killed him in 2019 were just arrested for their roles in his death.