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Chandler, AZ — As TFTP reported last week, on the night of January 2, Anthony Bernal Cano had harmed no one yet he became the target of a Chandler Police Department cop over a bicycle light. Moments later, Cano would have two bullet holes in his back.

The video we reported on last week was released by the department who heavily edited it. Now, an unedited version has been released and it shows that this officer had absolutely no reason to kill this teen.

When watching the newly released video, it becomes entirely clear why the department first released the edited version. It shows that Officer Chase Bebak-Miller had no reason to shoot Cano as he had thrown the gun several yards away before the officer put two bullets in his back.

On the night of January 2, Anthony was riding his bicycle down the road when Bebak-Miller decided he needed to stop the teen because he did not have the proper lighting.

When the officer turned on his lights to pull Anthony over, Anthony made the decision to flee. Instead of simply letting the teen ride away on his bicycle, Bebak-Miller decided it was his job to chase him down over improper lighting.

As the graphic body cam shows, Anthony attempted to flee on the bicycle before dropping it and taking off on foot.

"He's fleeing on foot," said the officer in the footage.

Body camera footage shows the officer in pursuit of the boy just before Anthony drops his gun. As he is about to surrender, Cano picks up the gun to throw it away so he doesn't get shot. He successfully threw the gun away but was shot in the back anyway.

The portion of the video showing the gun at least ten yards away from Cano was redacted from the original release. It is damning and proves that Bebak-Miller had no reason to kill this child.

"Drop it! Get on the ground!" the officer shouts.

After Cano threw the gun, the officer then shoots him in the back.

At this point, the child is clearly incapacitated — not even moving — and the threat is neutralized. However, for good measure, as the teen lies dying on the ground — with the gun now 10 yards away — the cop puts another round in his back in a seeming attempt to finish him off.

In the new and heartbreaking video, Cano is heard explaining himself to the officer as he struggles to breathe.

"Hey, put your hands behind your back!" Officer Bebak-Miller shouts as Cano can barely move after being shot twice.

"Hands behind your back!" Officer Bebak-Miller shouts again.

"I'm sorry, sir, I can't," Cano says.

Cano slowly but eventually gets his hands behind his back.

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"Keep them there," the officer says. "I want to help you, OK! I want to help you!"

"OK," Cano says. "I can't breathe."

"Handcuff me, hurry," said Cano. "I don't want to die."

At this point, Cano explains that he was surrendering so he wouldn't get shot. Unfortunately for Cano, however, Bebak-Miller either never saw him throw the gun away, or he didn't care, and shot him anyway.

"I just wanted to throw the gun away," Cano says.

"Well, I thought you were pulling it on me, man," responds Bebak-Miller.

"No, no, no," said Cano.

"It was f**king stupid," says the officer.

"I tried throwing it so I wouldn't get shot," Cano says.

As other officers arrive, the life starts to fade from the teen's body.

"I can't feel my legs," says Cano.

Cano died three weeks later in the hospital.

For two months, police let Cano's family, and the public believe that Cano was a threat to the officer when he was shot. However, this new video proves that this was not true at all.

According to AZ Central, Chandler police said its Criminal Investigation Bureau completed its investigation into the shooting and submitted the case to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for review.

After the County Attorney's Office determines whether to pursue criminal charges against the officer, Chandler police's Use of Force Review Board will review the case before submitting it to a citizens review panel made up of 15 Chandler residents appointed by the mayor.

With the release of this new video, anything other than a murder charge would be a travesty of justice.

Rene Clum, Cano's mother questioned the entire reason for the stop in the first place, saying her son should've never been targeted.

"He was scared, coming home. He wasn’t doing anything wrong other than riding a bike without a light.”

Below is a video showing how far cops are willing to go to enforce a law over a bicycle light.