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Quinlan, TX-- In a video posted online on April 4, a Hunt County sheriff's deputy is seen brutally assaulting a woman in front of her crying children as she screams out in pain while informing the officers that she is pregnant.

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The incident reportedly began when Child Protective Services was accompanied by the two deputies to perform a home interview with the family.

When presented with the court order by the deputies, the unidentified woman asked to see the paperwork again before allowing the officers into her home. The woman reportedly told that instead of allowing her to read the court order, the officers then forced their way into the home and pinned her against her kitchen counter.

The 38-week pregnant woman screamed in agony as her stomach was pressed up against the kitchen counter. Her children are present and crying as they witness their mother being beaten by those they are taught to trust.

"I am pregnant!" she is heard screaming approximately ten seconds before the officer begins to punch her with closed fists. The video ends abruptly at this point, as the person filming hopefully went to intervene.

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After the video ends, the woman was reportedly taken to jail and charged with assaulting a police officer. It is unclear what happened before the camera started rolling, but from what we can see, there is definitely someone else who deserves an assault charge. Her son was reportedly taken and placed into foster care, despite family members being willing to take him in.

"While in jail she repeatedly asked to have her injuries examined and documented and was fearful for her unborn child. The jail nurse said she didn’t want to get involved fearing for her own job. No prenatal care was offered either. She was segregated because she was pregnant in an isolation cell where she slept on bare concrete and blankets and the lights were left on 24 hours a day. She was awakened every 15 minutes not because she made any threats of self harm but because that was the procedure in the isolation cells," a friend of the woman told Brett Sanders.

The woman was reportedly held for six days without receiving proper medical attention for a woman who had been assaulted while in her third trimester.

Upon her release she went to her Ob-Gyn who took photos of the injuries to her belly and legs, which were still visible 8 days later. They were allegedly able to verify that the bruising was not present before the attack as she had visited her doctor the day before the incident.

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The woman reportedly went into labor shortly after visiting her doctor and delivered a baby boy. The police have placed her newborn in relative's custody where her visitation time is "severely limited," during the crucial newborn breastfeeding and bonding time.