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April 10. 2014

A family was on their private property, shooting their legally owned guns, legally, when police showed up in response to a call.

No laws were being broken and as soon as the cops realized this, they should have vacated the property. But this is not what happened.

One overzealous jackboot bumped into the property owner's hand and proceeded to tell him, "Touch me again and I will put you in the fucking hospital!"

The incident was captured on video.

After 25 minutes or so, the officer who threatened the property owner with hospitalization, throws a temper tantrum and arrests the property owner for "assault."

What self-respecting person could feel that this arrest was justified? This is simply a case of, "You will respect my authority slave!"

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I have the ability to arrest you, so I am going to arrest you.

Because the property owner did not submit and allow the officers to violate his property, he was subsequently kidnapped and thrown in a cage.

Below are two videos that show the entire incident.

At the 7:50 mark in the video below you can see the childish officer begin to whine to his supervisor and say that he was assaulted. It's akin to a 3 year old lying to their parents about their sibling hitting them. Open palm, insert face.

Gabriel Cabrera was the property owner in this video. He could use our monetary help in order to obtain legal council. If you'd like to help Mr. Cabrera, you can do so at the following link.