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In the age of inexpensive cameras and a desire for fame, internet pranksters are on the rise.

Some pranks are done in good fun and actually receive a positive reaction from the targeted party. However, some pranks are downright stupid, cruel, and set out to cause harm and serious insult to unsuspecting victims.

Pranksters often aim their attempts to embarrass toward authority figures; up to and including cops. In the pursuit of internet fame, people risk their very freedom by going up against these armed agents of the state who claim the authority to kidnap and cage them.

More times than not, when cops find themselves on the receiving end of a prank, their reactions are less than inviting. The Free Thought Project has compiled a list of the top five pranks on cops that ended badly.

Hilarious Underage Drinking Prank, Shines Light on the Good Cop and Exposes the Bad

Three teens decided that they would pull a prank on officers patrolling the beach.

They donned their fake beer mugs and went to it.

The first officer they encounter is on some verbally abusive power trip. She proceeds to violate the rights of these guys by detaining them for no reason and demand their IDs.

These guys should never have answered any of her questions. They should have began the entire confrontation with the magic questions, "Am I being detained? Am I free to go?"

Here comes the good cop. He realizes that the mugs are fake and laughs about it.

Only because of the first cop's negative attitude did this prank even work, had she been nice like the second cop, it would have been over before it began.

Now for the second bad cop. He claims he smells weed, in order to try and violate the rights of these kids even further.

Luckily the shakedown ends without violence and they are free to go.

"Coke" Dealing prank goes downhill after cops show up

The guys from Nelk Filmz decided that it would be funny to act like coke dealers at the beach. Only the coke they were selling was the same coke you could get out of a vending machine.

The idea was that if someone said “yes” to the question of, “Hey do you wanna buy some coke?” they would pull out one of the cans they had stashed in the back of their SUV.

Apparently this got the attention of the LAPD, who quickly showed up to investigate their suspicious activity……so the pranksters played along.

The pranksters were then placed in cuffs and detained. Despite the individual officers being somewhat amused by the prank, the Los Angeles Police Department is looking into possible charges.

The LAPD does not take kindly to being embarrassed and are comparing the incident to swatting.

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"It is dangerous for the participants involved and a huge waste of a police officer's time," Commander Andrew Smith of the LAPD told NBC News. "The public has a right to have their police officers working and not wasting their time responding to juvenile pranks."

Pretty girl Trolling cops prank gets tense when cops realize they are being pranked

Self-proclaimed model, actress, and prankster, Melissa Flentzeris set up a prank last year that nearly landed her in jail.
Flentzeris's pranks usually consist of her flirting with unsuspecting men while the cameraman films it from afar.

This "prank" while being particularly cruel, is not even close to being a crime.

Flentzeris was well into her prank with Officer Henry when one of his co-workers began meddling.

Soon after Flentzeris gets the digits, the cops began to follow her and her cameraman and detained them shortly after.

What happened next was completely unexpected. One bully cop begins trying to intimidate them and asks for IDs, but they had done nothing wrong and the camera man knew this.

He gets into a standoff with this cop and uses the most powerful two questions to ask when interacting with police, "Am I being detained? Am I free to go?"

Knowing that he cannot detain them, the officer finally lets them leave. Had the camera man not been an informed individual, who knew his rights, this situation could have ended very badly.

Epic Bong Prank lands these guys in hot water after crossing paths with some overzealous cops

The guys from VitalyzdTV thought it would be funny to smoke tobacco out of a bong to see how cops reacted. They were right.

However, the level of force that some of these cops were willing to apply to stop a person from smoking a plant almost proved to be hazardous to the pranksters' health.

Comedian Facing Felony Charges After Officer "Feared for his Life" Over Banana Prank

Comedian Nathen Channing was recently arrested and charged with "felony menacing" after he pointed a banana at two police officers as a joke.

According to the police report, officer Joshua Bunch arrested Channing just before noon on Saturday, near Grand Junction.

"I observed Nathen reach into the left side of his coat with his right hand and pull out a yellow object, pointing it in the air then in my direction as I approached him, Nathen drew the object in the same manner someone would draw a standard handgun from a concealed holster," Bunch said.

Channing is currently waiting for his next court date, where he will face felony charges of "menacing" an officer.