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Maryland — All too often, police officers — using their badges as excuses — break the same laws they are tasked with enforcing. This is especially true when it comes to speeding as everyone reading this has likely experienced a police officer blow by them with no lights on travelling down the highway. A vigilant citizen decided to call a Maryland state trooper out for driving erratically this month and the results were both hilarious and shocking.

In a post Reddit post on /r/ProtectAndServe (a community for cops and pro-police content) the video of a Maryland state trooper "losing his ever-loving mind" was posted over the weekend. The cop's loss of professionalism and complete breakdown even garnered him criticism from his fellow boys in blue, noting that he should be disciplined for his actions.

As the video begins, the trooper is yelling at the man who was following him to document the trooper's erratic driving.

"You were weaving in and out of traffic!" the trooper yells.

He is then immediately called out by the man filming, "oh you can swerve in and out of traffic but I can't?"

That is when all hell broke loose and this trooper's head nearly caught fire.

"Excuse me?! Excuse me!?" the trooper exclaimed. "I got places to be!"

"I am an emergency vehicle!" the trooper claims, wrongly implying that this gives him some sort of pass to drive like a maniac. "Is this an emergency vehicle? No, this is a 2000......four piece of sh*t!"

"Before you cause a f**king accident, you need to f**king wise up!" the trooper yelled before demanding the man's license.

"So you can do it but I can't," the man asked.

"That's right, that's an emergency vehicle!" yelled the irate trooper.

But he is wrong. You can only violate traffic laws in an emergency vehicle — if there is an actual emergency.

This trooper knew full well that he was not responding to an emergency and did not have his lights on.

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"It is an emergency vehicle that has lights on it," the trooper claimed.

"That weren't on!" the man responded.

"It doesn't matter!" the trooper retorted.

"There are different ways that we drive place to place," the trooper again claimed, ignoring the fact that he cannot break the laws he is tasked with upholding. "You're such a dumb ass!"

The trooper then storms off with the man's license. The video ends with the man laughing hysterically at the incredible display he just witnessed.

According to one of the cops in the Reddit group, the trooper turned himself in after the incident in a likely attempt to avoid being found out online.

"Hes already admitted to it and self reported to IAU. Just got back to work from battling prostate cancer. Doesnt excuse his actions, but I feel for him," a verified state trooper wrote.

Other officers in the group pointed out the obvious worrisome nature of a cop flying off the handle in such a manner.

"To be fair if he's not ready to handle the stress of a traffic stop without losing it he's likely not ready to handle real stress in an actual emergency. Might want to take a few more weeks off or something," a user wrote.


Imagine if this cop has that attitude at home with his spouse. He is a loose cannon. Attitudes like his likely contribute to the reason domestic violence cases in police households are far higher than the national average.

As TFTP has reported at length, police officers beat their wives at double the national average. As we reported last week, though many police officers escape accountability for these acts of domestic violence, one officer with the Albuquerque Police Department, Jeffrey Wharton, 31, had beaten his girlfriend so badly, his fellow cops couldn't look the other way.

Wharton was arrested in February, but video of that arrest was not released until last week. Wharton's actions were such a disgrace to his fellow officers that when he arrived to work, they handcuffed him, grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the uniform from his body. His girlfriend had been hospitalized with brain bleeding because he beat her so violently. He is such a risk that the judge refused to grant him bail.