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"Somebody help me! That's my kids right there! Somebody please help me!"

Chris Lollie, of St. Paul, Minnesota was tased infront of his children as he went to pick them up from school on January 31. He claims he was racially profiled as all he was doing was sitting down waiting to pick up his children when he was approached by the police, seemingly for no reason.

He was charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and obstruction of the legal process but all charges were dismissed on July 31.

Lollie filmed the entire encounter, but his phone was taken by the officers as evidence. After charges were dropped his phone was returned and he promptly uploaded the video of him being attacked to YouTube.

In the video he refuses to provide identification asserting that he did nothing wrong. He insists repeatedly there was no sign saying that the area he was sitting in was private property. The officers then begin to arrest him simply for refusing to identify himself.

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He pleads with the officers and for bystanders to help him, screaming "that's my kids right there!"

While he was certainly asserting his rights, he was not aggressive and certainly did not do anything that appears to require the use of this often lethal force.

The police department issued a statement on Facebook on August 28, defending its officers actions.

With no information on who the man was, what he might be doing or why he refused to leave the area, responding Saint Paul police officers tried to talk to him, asking him who he was. He refused to tell them or cooperate.

Since when do you have to give officers your identification for simply sitting down, alone, waiting to pick up your children?

We hope to see him file a formal complaint against these officers for this assault.