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Gardena, CA -- The torturous and sadistic actions of San Bernardino police officers were captured on video as cops snap a man's arm while he lays flat on his stomach.

The video was taken last October in the aftermath of a brief police pursuit of 30-year-old, Jesus Castaneda. Castaneda led police on a short car chase when he eventually surrendered.

During the arrest, Castaneda was on his stomach with multiple officers surrounding him. It was apparent that the need for pain compliance techniques was entirely unnecessary. However, the officers proceeded to punch and kick Castaneda.

Officers then grabbed the seemingly non-violent man's arm and twisted backwards. The resultant force snapped Castaneda's arm at the elbow.

He was then dragged in handcuffs like an animal to the patrol car.

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"When I first saw that video, it was very disturbing and shocking," said Michael Munoz, one of Castaneda's defense attorneys.

"You not only see what happens to him, but you can hear what happens to him, and you see the position he's lying in at the time. He's on his stomach," defense attorney Warren Ellis said.

Castaneda was indeed guilty of car theft, he later plead guilty to multiple charges including grand theft auto. However, this man was in police custody. Did he deserve to be fodder to some officer's sadistic MMA fantasy?

The amount of pressure needed to inflict these severe injuries to Castaneda went far above any rational means of the application of force. The line between subduing a suspect and torturing man was overtly crossed.

"I don't exonerate what he did. He committed a crime. But, it doesn't give the police the right to use excessive force, to be punching him, dislocating his arm, kicking him and then dragging him across the floor," Munoz said.

The San Bernardino Police Department is investigating the incident.