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Louisville, KY -- A man from Shelby Street caught an epic display of ‘flexing your rights’ on video when a cop tried to harass him while buying fried chicken.

I have an ID, OK. But I’m in my uncle’s parking lot. So you tell me, for what reason…what rights did I violate? Am I being detained? Am I being detained?” says the informed citizen.

The cops can only stammer in frustration, suggesting the he has to show his ID and they have a right to question him for simply being in the parking lot.

Do I need your ID? Yes!” says one cop.

They seem to be suggesting that the citizen might be involved in some kind of drug deal, which they say goes on routinely at the location. But the victim of harassment, instead of engaging in some nefarious deed, was just trying to get some food.

After giving up his ID to one cop, the other cop, identified as Officer Frisbee, orders him to sit down.

The citizen repeatedly demands to know why he is being detained and ordered to sit. Officer Frisbee responds with a completely bogus excuse: “We’re investigating why you’re sitting out here.

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Hilariously, in the middle of the cops’ interrogation, the fried chicken vendor comes outside with the food.

As the cop’s ridiculousness becomes obvious, the citizen drives home the point.

“You can’t just do this. People have rights. This is not right, man.

You can’t just run up on me without probable cause. Do you have suspicion of me committing a crime?

I’m not on the street. I’m in a private parking lot.”

But the cop continues his downward spiral.

I’m figuring it out. That’s why we’re talking to you. I’m allowed to come in this parking lot and investigate why you’re sitting in this car.

This ‘show your papers’ type of harassment, usually predicated on an immoral system of drug prohibition, characterizes a true police state.