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Houston, TX -- Last June, Reuben Williams was pulled over for suspicion of DUI and refused the breathalyzer. As Texas is a no refusal state, Williams was brought to the jail, strapped to a gurney, and had his blood forcefully taken. Because he protested this kidnapping and subsequent forced medical procedure by police, an officer bashed his head in.

The incident was captured on the jail's surveillance video. However, police kept it secret, until now.

In the video, we can watch cops, in the land of the free, forcefully strap Williams down to examine the man's blood.

"I'm not going to do this man," Williams screamed, as seen in the video. At another point, he screams, "I feel like a f*cking criminal."

Shortly after police conducted a medical procedure against an unwilling participant, to see if he'd consumed alcohol, Williams was handcuffed and led to a holding cell. Apparently, Williams' protest angered his captor. Just before he was put in the cell, an unnamed officer is seen on video smashing Williams' head into the steel bars.

The disturbing video then shows Williams fall to the wall, leaving a trail of streaking blood. He then fell on the floor where he bled out even more.

Police would later claim that Williams attempted to spit on the officer. However, this was not seen on the video.

The department would also claim that Williams bashed his own head in. However, when watching the video, it was entirely apparent who conducted the smashing.

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"I didn't have nothing to do with spitting," Williams said. "I was in handcuffs. I had no way of reacting to a man behind me."

Minister Robert S. Muhammad, an activist who watched the video withTed Oberg Investigates, described the moment where Williams' head strikes the door as "disturbing."

"It's obvious that he pushed him," Muhammad said. "His head hit the metal jail cell frame. It's obvious he didn't inflict the injury on himself. You can see plainly he was pushed into the wall. It's very disturbing. No one deserves that kind of treatment when you're in the custody of the state."

In spite of this glaring act of assault captured on video, the officer, who remains unnamed was never charged or even disciplined and he remains on the job.

"Although the video is disturbing, the ultimate question for the grand jury was whether, after looking at all the evidence, the officer's conduct rose to the level of a crime," according to a statement from the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

"A diverse grand jury apparently concluded it did not. It should be noted that we reserve the right to represent a case to a grand jury if new evidence comes to light that would change the outcome of the proceeding."

"Cops can do whatever they want because this video was never supposed to surface," Williams told abc13.

Below is a video of what 'justice' looks like in the modern day police state.