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A video that was brought to the attention of the Free Thought Project this week shows a situation that is all too familiar among interactions with law enforcement today -- racial profiling.

As the video begins, a group of teens, many of them with skateboards, are crossing a street in a manner not fit for the police state; also known as jaywalking.

As police arrive to restore order, they immediately target the lone black guy. In spite of dozens of other people jaywalking, the one person who happened to have darker skin became the scapegoat of the police.

The singling out of the black teen, who'd done nothing different than the other teens is infuriating, yet all too common. Even as the officers were attempting to write a citation, dozens more teens did the exact same thing that this young black man had done, but none of them were stopped.

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Although this incident began as a display of alleged racism among law enforcement, it quickly took a turn for the awesome, when the young black man's friends stepped up to protect him.

Smashing the racist paradigm, dozens of white teenagers banded together to stand up against this ridiculous injustice. Calling it as they saw it, the teens quickly began to let the officers know that their actions were indeed "racist."

In just a few moments, what started as a racial injustice had transformed into a successful show of unity regardless of skin color. As soon as it started, the ticket was cancelled, and the teens were allowed to go about their way. The teen's release was quickly celebrated by the him and his friends as a the power of unity had overcome the power of oppression.

Below is the video illustrating this marvelous show of unity.

When your white friends got your back; they stand by your side!A group of guys walking, a cop stopped the only black guy in the group and tries to give him a ticket for J walking. But the black guy's, army strong, white friends stood by him! It should be like this in all cases not only in a situation where cops are involved! Blacks should stand up for whites and whites stand up for blacks. Unity is strength! It is good to see blacks and whites live peaceful! Could one imagine a world with no wars, no racism and no crimes. It would be a paradise! It would be safe to visit any city on the planet. For example, some middle eastern cities!!! One could go wherever they want to go whenever they like. We would be able to explore the foods and cultures. Scientists would be able to focus on finding cure for disease instead of making weapons of mass destruction! Until mankind put aside the desire to divide and concur and our religious, cultural, ethnic, gender, and racial beliefs and see each other as a brother and a fellow human, this world will never be a better place! One Love! Peace! #NoToRacism! #AllLivesMatters #BlackLivesMatters #WhiteLivesMatters #NoToWars #Peace #Unity #OneLove #OneBlood #UnityIsStrength #ThePeaceCore #ILoveBlackPeople #Muslims #TheUnitedNations #Christians #ILoveWhitePeople #USA #Europe #Israel #TheMiddleEast #Africa #NorthAmerica #SouthAmerica #Russia #Germany #GreatBritain #China #Japan #WorldPeace #ISIS

Posted by Charger Inc. TV - CITv on Friday, January 22, 2016