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March 17, 2014

This officer in Glendale, CA had nothing better to do than to stop an innocent person riding his bike. However, this innocent person was no push over.

When the bully cop didn't get the submissive sheep reaction of, "yes sir, my name is so and so, here's my ID, and I'll gladly lick your boot, thanks for keeping me safe." he got upset and detained this person.

The video is definitely substandard, but it is because the officer forced the young man to keep his wrists locked together so he placed the camera in his lap.

This is how you flex your rights!

From the man who posted the video:

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On march 9th i was illegally searched and detained by the Glendale
Police department they're notorious for this. Please watch and notice
how this cop soon realizes he is in the wrong. Sorry for the bad filming
i was detained and told to lock my wrist together so my phone was
sitting in my lap.

Im amazed at how many view this has gotten in just one night thank you all.

To give a little background i work security at a local museum in los angeles and get home late around 8-9, i usually rest a little bit then go out for a bike ride to get some exercise.I like going out a little later because there is less cars on the road, and its a little more serene for me. I was on my final stretch 2 blocks away from my house when the officer driving in the opposite direction shined a very intense spotlight at my face and temporarily blinded me for about 7-10 seconds. i raised my hand to shield the light befor i crashed (an inexperienced rider probably would have) as he drove passed me i turned around to look to see what his deal was, and saw him making a you turn ( i had both front and rear bike lights per city law). He pulled up next to me and asked me how old i was, not happy about him blinding me i told him "i don't talk to cops". I proceeded to keep riding my bike up the street where he was gradually wedging me against the cars where it got to a point i had to power it in-front of him before he could cut me off completely. i guess that pissed him off and he immediately flashed his lights and siren where i pulled over and got off my bike. He directed me to the curb and told me to put my bike down and interlock my ankles and wrist. I did as he directed. He then asked me my age again where in turn i gave the response "i don't answer questions i don't consent to any searches". He then started putting his gloves on and that's where i grabbed my phone quickly because i knew this was going to get ugly.The video can continue the story from here.

I have also lived in Glendale, Ca for about 10 years and it is a fairly safe city. With a safe city comes bored cops, where this cities cops are known to harass people over stupid causes and minor things that would (usually) be ignored in L.A like tinted windows,minor traffic violations etc. Go to there yelp reviews or do a quick google search and you will see im not the only one whos been a victim of these tax collectors.

This also isn't the first time! i was illegally stopped outside my house after i parked and knew little about my rights at that time, so they searched my car and everything. I filed a complaint against the officers and was contacted by Internal Affairs saying they were going to do a full investigation. Due to my "half said consent" they deemed the officers in the right. I am going through internal affairs with this Illegal stop and will keep you updated on what the outcome is.

And to everyone commenting negatively on the video my attitude was mainly due to the fact he almost-slammed me into the cars and blinded me with his spotlight. I wasn't being an ass just to prove a point. And in my OPINION he was looking for a way to give me a ticket then suspect me of a crime. Why would he ask my age and not what am i doing here this late at night.