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Breckenridge Hills, MO -- A Missouri man's cell phone video captured the epitome of what's become Police State USA.

Chris Hoglan was out for a walk last September when he was approached by Breckenridge Hills police officer Matthew Tyler.

In a statement given to the Free Thought Project, Hoglan explains how the encounter began:

I left for a walk at 12:17am on Sept. 4, 2014. I had been cleaning the basement and was wide awake and needed to go to sleep. I knew walking would help tire me out and it was good for my back. I was heading east on Baltimore from my house. I left with a pocket knife, my keys and my iPhone and nothing else. I walked approximately 1.3miles and was on the south side of the street near the intersection of Woodson. I saw Officer Tyler’s police car driving south on Woodson and made a right towards me on Baltimore. He slowed down and shouted out of the window next to me “What’s your name?!” with a forceful tone. I replied “I don’t need to answer that.” And continued walking east on Baltimore at an average pace. I turned to see Officer Tyler do an immediate U Turn. At this point I pulled out my iPhone and started recording.

Officer Tyler's ego was apparently challenged by a man who knew his rights and refused to cower to his authority. This caused Tyler to come out with a vengeance.

"This cop just asked me what my name was, I told him I didn’t need to answer that. We will see how this goes," says Hoglan as he gets ready to flex his rights and stand up to this bully.

"Stop now or you’ll go to jail," demands Tyler.

When Hoglan asks the reason for the stop, Tyler replies by telling him that he stopped him because, "I need to know who you are."

"I don’t need to answer that while I am walking down the street. Is there a reason I’m being stopped here?" says Hoglan referring to his right not to identify to police.

At this point, Officer Tyler was already well over the line in his demands and harassment, but he pushed on anyway.

Hoglan asks again, "Am I free to go? "

"No. I need to see your ID," replies Tyler.

"I don’t need to give you any information about me sir; I’m just walking down the street freely," Hoglan explains.

At no point did Hoglan ever become confrontational with this egomaniac, but this did not stop Tyler from escalating the situation.

"I’m gonna give you two more seconds, then I’m gonna put the cuffs on ya. K, you can give me your name, or you’re gonna go to jail. The choice is yours," says this tyrant as he continues to unlawfully demand to see Hoglan's papers.

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By this time another officer, officer Allemann, arrived on the scene and the two tyrants together proceeded to assault and kidnap Hoglan.

"The two Police officers who had full control over me forced me to the ground and they landed on top of me. My back instantly felt bad and I am currently going to physical therapy for it," Hoglan tells the Free Thought Project.

Hoglan was then brought to Breckenridge Hills Police Department where the barrage would continue. While he was locked in a cage, Hoglan continued to assert his 5th Amendment right to remain silent.

The two officers had mistaken Hoglan for another man who was allegedly wanted for pulling a knife on someone. However, Hoglan did not match the description.

Instead of telling Hoglan that they were looking for a suspect, the officers used the threat of force to try to intimidate a man into surrendering his rights.

Hoglan explained what happened next:

Allemann walked by Officer Tyler and said under his breath quietly “I know you don’t want to hear this, but this probably isn’t your guy. I spoke with the brother and he said his brother was not balding and had returned and taken his car somewhere.” Officer Tyler said “Well I am going to charge him with interfering. If he doesn’t wasn’t to talk, I’ll just flop him down at St. Ann until he does.”

Hoglan was then transferred to St. Ann jail where Tyler would tell the officers to refuse him any access to a phone.

He was cited for the misdemeanor charge of "Interference with Police" and his bail was set at the ridiculously high price of $500, by Officer Tyler.

According to Hoglan, Tyler even went out of his way to write a message on a dry-erase board in the jail that said, "Do not lower bail."

After being locked in a cell for hours without being able to contact anyone, an officer finally asked Hoglan if he'd like him to call a family member for him. Hoglan called his girlfriend and immediately posted bond.

Hoglan tells the Free Thought Project that his lawyer recommended requesting a jury trial for the citation.

When his attorney appeared in court on behalf Hoglan, the charges were dropped, and the bond refunded. Hoglan tells us that he filed a formal complaint with internal affairs, and they are currently waiting for the results of their "investigation" before deciding what action to take next.

In the Land of the Free, you can be kidnapped and thrown in a cage for refusing to show your papers to a belligerent bully in uniform, and this is called the "justice" system.