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New York, NY -- Shawn Thomas films the police. He does so because it's his right and he's also great at fending off and exposing their rampant corruption.

Many of those who choose to film the police are polite and cordial, even when they are disrespected. However, Thomas is not afraid to answer back to police who attempt to violate his rights, and he does so with an eloquent knack for profanity.

If you visit Thomas' YouTube Channel, you will see that he is no stranger to these interactions.

Officer Kevin McAlister, badge number 17304, was the latest tyrant to violate this man for doing nothing wrong.

As Thomas was minding his own business, he was approached by McAlister for drinking a non-alcoholic malta soft drink. As he proceeded to violate this man's rights, McAlister wrongfully claimed that Thomas had a Sam Adams beer.

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Thomas stood his ground and refused to bow down and be harassed, illegally. Even if he would have had a beer, the response from police in this instance is utterly ridiculous. Five officers were called to the scene because a man had a soft drink in paper bag.

Thomas was forcefully handcuffed, and his cellphone, wallet, and ID were confiscated. Illegally.

After assaulting him and depriving Thomas of his freedom, the officers realized that they had no justification for the stop and they were forced to let him go.

In the land of the free, this is what protecting and serving has become.