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Pittsburgh, PA -- A disturbing video obtained by WPXI News shows two officers approach an otherwise completely peaceful man and begin to brutally assault him.

The video starts with two male officers and one female officer, walking down the hallway of the Renewal Halfway House in Pittsburgh. A black male is seen standing in the doorway on his cell phone.

As officers approach the man there is seemingly no warning before the two uniformed brutes begin waylaying on a this non-threatening individual. While the video is silent we can assume that the two officers were yelling, "Quit resisting" the entire time they were delivering haymaker blow after haymaker blow, with their metal asps.

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Even if the victim was trained in the art of super obedience and police submission, it would be nearly impossible to calmly lay on one's stomach and surrender as baton strikes rain down from all directions.

While it has been confirmed that this issue is now under investigation by Pittsburgh's Office of Public Safety, the disturbing reality is that no one knew about it.

Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Stephen Bucar told Channel 11 News that he doesn’t know why officers were called to the building.

This incident is an example of the complete lack of accountability of police departments. A serious use of force incident can be seen in this video, yet no one in the department knows why it happened, or even when it happened.

At the end of the video, 13 minutes after the man is accosted by police, he is then stood up and limps out of the building.