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Washington D.C. -- A married couple claims they were assaulted by Metropolitan police last week, and they have the video and their two small children as witnesses to prove it.

Forrest and Chadon Boggs were near their home, with their children when police showed up on the scene.

Officers arrived at the 1500 block of E Street NE last Wednesday after saying they heard reports of people fighting. When officers arrived, they saw that there was no fighting.

As Forrest Boggs was walking by the officers, he says spat on the ground. But Officer Blier, with the Metropolitan police department claimed Boggs spat on his police cruiser.

“Boggs [husband] … spat a wad of saliva onto Ofc. Blier’s scout car rear window and then continued to walk E/B in the alley,” police said in their report.

“I did spit, but I didn’t spit on his car,” said Boggs.

Even if Boggs would have spat on the officer's car, what happened next was completely unjustified.

“This is straight-out police brutality, and we have videos to show it,” said Forrest Boggs.

The officer on a power trip approached Forest Boggs and began to assault the man. The two fell to the ground and the officer got on the back of Boggs. At this point, Chadon Boggs walked over to the officer who was assaulting her husband and began to voice her disapproval.

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Chadon says that when her husbands cell phone and hat fell, she bent down to grab it, and that's when her attack began.

We can see on the video as an officer walks up to Chadon Boggs and shoves her so hard that she flew back several feet, smashing into the cruiser.

Police officers then got on top of the woman and began beating her with a baton.

“An officer came and rushed up and shoved me onto the back of a police car and took his stick out and began to start hitting me with the stick," she said.

According to WJLA, the husband and wife were charged with assault on a police officer. Both were taken to hospitals, where Chadon Boggs received four stitches.

“The fact that my children seen it is even more devastating to me, because they were crying, they were in tears,” Boggs said.

The couple was released from jail on Thursday and planned to file a formal complaint on Friday.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is reviewing the footage of Wednesday’s incident to determine whether any of its officers acted inappropriately. MPD says one officer involved was wearing a body camera, which may offer a different perspective, according to WJLA.