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April 16, 2014

A video has been posted online of an apparently drunken off-duty deputy attempting to arrest a girl who had done nothing wrong.

The girl being bullied by the power tripping Richland County deputy, Paul Derrick, is Brittany Ball, a soldier at Fort Jackson.

When Columbia police eventually arrived, an officer looked at the video and that department took custody not of the handcuffed Ball, but Derrick, charging him with assault.

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Ball filed a Richland County civil suit which has now been moved into a federal court as a civil rights matter. In her complaint, she claims she was "tortured" by Derrick as he twisted, turned and pulled the handcuffs, injuring her so severely she is permanently disabled.

Ball further claims the video, seen tens of thousands of times, led to her "complete humiliation," according to 14 News.

The most disturbing aspect of this video is that no one tried to stop the man from brutalizing this girl; for the simple reason that he is a government employee that wears a badge and a uniform. Had some non-cop tried to do this, people would have quickly stepped in to help the girl.

How much further could this have gone before people would have tried to prevent the assault? Could he have broken an arm? A leg? Raped her? Even killed her? Would that have been enough for people to break free from their Stockhom Syndrome and step in to protect innocence, regardless of the costumed aggressor with some mythical authority?