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Rochester, NY -- Brendan Carter was on his way to see his sick uncle last week when he was detained by multiple security officers in the public RTS bus station in Rochester, subsequently assaulted by police and arrested -- all over his dancing.

According to Carter, he was waiting for the bus to visit his uncle who is in the hospital. Apparently overcome by emotion, Carter said he put his headphones in and started dancing to avoid crying. This dancing got the attention of DHS employees and security officers at the station.

Carter had a bus pass and was breaking no law when the officers approached him. As he explained, when he was told to leave for no reason and the officers put hands on him, Carter became angry. However, as seen on the video, he never once became violent.

He was immediately accused of being drunk (which is not a crime, even if he was) and he was told to leave. A scene ensued after the initial confrontation as Carter refused to leave because all he wanted to do was get on the bus to visit his uncle.

Rochester police were quickly dispatched and the already tense situation would only explode from this point.

After he agreed to leave, Carter began walking out of the station. However, the officer was on an apparent mission to intensify the already-delicate situation.

When the officer arrives, instead of talking to the young man to get his side of the story, or letting him leave like he was doing, he immediately escalates to violence by grabbing Carter and then presenting his taser.

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Within seconds, Carter is tasered, physically assaulted, slammed to the ground and arrested.

The entire scene was captured on video by NY Black Panther chapter member Daryl Appleberry. Had Appleberry not been there, this scene could have gotten far worse. Perhaps that is why we hear the RTS security officer's radio go off, "Annie, get this guy out of there with the camera behind you. Get him out of there!"

Carter was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and trespassing. He was in a public space.

Below is the video of the incident.

Activist and filmmaker, Davy V conducted an interview with Carter after the arrest and he gets a chance to tell his side of the story -- an opportunity not afforded by Rochester's finest.

h/t Davy V