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Gardena, CA -- Tom Zebra is an icon of the filming cops movement. He's been filming cops since before the widespread use of smartphones and he's well known to the folks on youtube as well as the police in California.

On Zebra's most recent expedition to film a DUI checkpoint, he was intercepted by a familiar face, Gardena police officer Searle.

The first interaction between Searle and Zebra was cordial and humorous. As Zebra explains:

Officer Searle is likely getting even with me for a previous video I made of her. She does a pretty good job of making fun of me and I am sure a majority of the cops in the area will get a good laugh from this video.

As Zebra and "Katman" from ONUS News were making their way to the checkpoint, officer Searle pulled up to assert her authority over the duo.

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The two cop watchers were riding their bicycles down the sidewalk when Searle threatened to write them a citation for travelling against the flow of traffic -- they were on a sidewalk.

As Zebra and Katman refuse to back down, Searle cites a city ordinance that states cyclists must ride with the flow of traffic on the shoulder or the road. However, this law did not apply to the pair as they were neither on the road nor the shoulder.

Below is an example of the irresponsible use of power by people who can legally kill you for non-compliance -- even when they are completely wrong.

Had Zebra and Katman attempted to disobey this unlawful order, they could have very well been kidnapped or even killed.